My Family Toys

Petite and charming wooden dolls to pick and compose your own family or group of friends. Each piece is handcrafted and hand-painted, one of a kind, and you can always add a new member to the set! We will be happy to customize a playful portrait of your real family. Send us an individual or a group picture to be interpreted on M’tita Bamako’s style.  


Average sizes of the dolls :
Adult, 14 cm / Children, 10 cm / Baby, 6 cm


The above photos are just a few examples
of personalized dolls.

The dolls are packaged in a personalised
cotton-bag with the name of the family.

Especially for you.
Non-toxic – Safe for children

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask!


— Contact me mentioning the number of dolls
you’d like to customize. I’ll reply to confirm the
details of your order, expected completion date
and a quote.

— Send 2-3 photos indicating the name of each
person. Try to find photos that show the person
facing the camera (not turned at an angle), full
body, and clearly showing details of clothing,
shoes, hairstyles, and any details to include. The
more information I have, the more accurately I
can draw the clothing.

— Turnaround time : I need maximum one week
to complete a family of 4 members.

— When your order is complete, you’ll receive a
photo of your dolls via email before shipment to
their new home.